In Brief; Managing Bookings from the EzTix App is simple. Bookings can be accessed through Events, Bookings and through the Dashboard. 

The first step is to ensure you've downloaded and Logged in to the EzTix App as an Owner, Admin or Manager, then to navigate to the Menu.

to select Bookings

Once you've selected "BOOKINGS" you will be presented with the list of bookings. The most recent bookings will display at the top of the list. 

In order to SEARCH for a booking (can sear by guest name, email address, or transaction number) simply tap the search field at the top of the screen, and select the Magnifying Glass icon to begin the shift. 

Once you have located the booking, simply tap the booking to view details. 

Once you have opened the booking, you will be able to;

- Edit Guest Name and Email

- Edit Buyer Question Answers

- Edit Booking Notes

- View History (email logs, any changes to the booking) (tap the history tab on the booking)

-View Transaction details (scroll down to view this)

-Checkin guests on the booking.

In order to make changes, simply select the corresponding "EDIT" button in green. 

Once you make changes in the App, it will directly update in the booking as well as update on your account. 

NOTE; Tour Guides cannot make any edits to bookings. 

Accessing Bookings associated with an Experience; 

On the say of an experience you may need to make changes to bookings associated with the experience itself. 

In order to access bookings on an experience, tap the menu button

Select EVENTS in the menu

Scroll to the date or select the Calendar icon at the bottom of the events page to select a date and jump to a date in the future. 

Select TODAY to jump to today's date and view those experiences. 

You will then see each experience listed out. 

Simply select the experience date with to view that experience and manage bookings on that experience. 

On this experience example, you'll notice 2 different bookings. 

First booking is under purchaser "Tom Jones" and second transaction is under "Carole King". 

In order to manage Carole's Booking, simply tap on the guests under Carole's booking to open the booking.