In Brief; 

EzTix Booking Process allows for a modern, minimalist booking platform, with unique features and functionality. 

All experiences will be sold through this updated booking process, and you will not need to update anything on your website! 

All integration steps for enabling the new booking process will be done automatically on your website. 

The EzTix Booking Process, in Steps; 

Step 1.  Choose a Date

Guests will be able to select the date of the experience. NOTE, the first date available within your calendar will load first!

Step 2. Select a Time 

Once the guest has selected a date, they will be offered all listed experience times with the number of tickets available.

Once an experience date and time is selected, the date will populate in the booking process footer, as a reminder to the guests of what they have selected.


Step 3.  Select Tickets 

Your guests will then have the option of selecting the number tickets for their purchase, with the ability to select the different ticket types provided for that experience. 

Once selected, this again will update in the booking process footer for your guests to review what they've selected. 

Step 4.  Info Collection 

Guests will then be asked to provide some key information. 

The phone number flag will actually register the guest's location and default to the country flag automatically! 


Step 5 - Payment Details

The guest will be asked to complete payment information on the final page. Once their information is complete, they can proceed to accept the terms and conditions and pay. 

NOTE, you can enable your experience's custom terms and conditions to have them display in the booking process. 

Please see the article HERE for more information.

Step 6 - Confirmation Page: 

Once the guests's payment information is complete and they've accepted the terms, a confirmation page will appear. Simultaneously, they will receive a confirmation email for their order along with the link to their tickets to the email address provided within the purchasing process. The final confirmation page is also an opportunity to collect NON REQUIRED buyer questions or marketing questions from your guests. Learn more about buyer questions HERE.

Featured Image 

A featured image for your experience will display throughout the footer of the booking process. 

Update your image by logging into your account, select "Edit/Manage" on the designated Template, and under Template Details upload a template image. 

Learn more about customizing your experiences and the sales process HERE

Pay in Your Own Currency

Guests can pay in their own currency during the checkout process. To learn more about "Pay in Your Own Currency", click HERE.

Charity Options

Guests will be able to donate to a designated charity on the Review & Checkout page of the booking process. To learn more about charity options, click HERE.

Dietary Alerts

Collect standardized dietary restriction information for each guest and display this information on your experience manifest, and emails. Learn more HERE.

Calendar Default Load Options

Choose if you'd like the month calendar view to load first for your guests. 

Or Load the Current Week on the Calendar! 

Contact in order to update your default calendar view.