The following features and functionality have launched on October 31st, 2017.


  • The New Booking Process
  • Dietary Alerts Collection
  • Charity Options 
  • Pay in Your Own Currency
  • Apple Wallet
  • EzTix App



About and Features List: EzTix Booking Process allows for a modern, minimalist booking platform, with unique features and functionality. All experiences will be sold through this updated booking process, and you will not need to update anything on your website. All integration steps for enabling the new booking process will be done automatically on your website. 


Dietary Alerts: 

About: This feature will allow you to collect standardized information pertaining to specific guests' dietary restrictions and have a system calculated total of this information for each tour experience.

Collecting Dietary Information Through the Booking Process: Ticket buyers are presented with the option to confirm by guest any specific dietary restrictions during the purchase process. 

How to Enable Dietary Alerts on Your Experiences: Follow these few steps to enable the collection of dietary restriction information from your guests and have it displayed in a standardized form.

How to Edit My Guest’s Dietary Information: Update changes to dietary restrictions for enabled dietary alert templates to have the most accurate and up to date bookings for yourself and vendors.

How to Disable Dietary Alerts on Your Experiences: By disabling dietary alerts, dietary information will not be collected and summarized information and notifications will also be disabled.

Charity Donations:


Charity Options- How to Enable in the Booking Process: Collecting charity donations provides options for your guests to donate to a topical, or current charity, dedicated to local or international relief efforts, or dedicated to causes near and dear. 


Flexrate - Pay in Your Own Currency:

How are Pay in Your Own Currency Transactions Displayed in Reports and bookings? We've kept it simple. Even when guests pay in their own currency, your reporting and booking details will appear as they always do in your EzTix account.

Can my Guests Pay in the currency of their choice? EzTix offers ticket buyers the opportunity to pay for their order in their home currency using the Pay in Your Own Currency feature, increasing ticket buyer comfort level while eliminating foreign conversion fees.

Apple Wallet 


Adding Tickets to Apple Wallet: EzTix mobile e-tickets can be added to your apple wallet on an iPhone or your iPod touch. This feature is automatically enabled on your EzTix account. Once a ticket is purchased for any type of experience, it will be available to be added to the apple wallet.

Customizing Your Apple Wallet Tickets: The e-ticket and apple wallet pass pull the same information from the event that a regular e-ticket would, however the apple wallet tickets present a cleaner, consolidated version that is more user friendly and accessible. Customize your apple wallet with your branded header and footer and company colours.

EzTix App:

Downloading the EzTix App: Available in the Apple Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android Devices) for free download.

About and Feature Set: The EzTix System app is a simplified version of EzTix from an Experience Operator's perspective. All permission levels (Admin to Tour Guide) respect the same rules in terms of access, and the app includes             features that are key in running experiences. 

Permissions and Views: Review a breakdown of EzTix Users' permission levels and the access and functionality those levels grant within the EzTix App.

Checking In Guests: The EzTix App will allow Tour Guides, Managers, Admins and Owners the ability to easily access bookings and check in guests individually and in bulk on their experiences.  

Managing Bookings: Through EzTix App, managing your bookings is simple. Bookings can be accessed through Events, Bookings and through the Dashboard to edit guest information, buyer questions and booking notes.

Tour Guide Profiles: Enabling and completing tour guide profiles will allow you to create a personal connection between the tour guide and your guests before and after the tour by allowing you to feature the assigned guide's headshot, bio/post event message in your guest emails. 

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