In Brief;

This feature enables the option to show your guests exactly how many tickets are available for each tour time. This is displayed on the second step of the EzBook process underneath the tour start times.

This feature is a great way to keep your guests informed prior to booking, will lead to less confusion when wanting a number of tickets that is not available,  entices your guests to book final remaining tickets, and shows potential guests just how busy you are! 

Enabling the Number of Tickets Available Step-by-Step

Step 1:

Log into your EzTix account.

Step 2: 

Click on Templates

Step 3: 

Select Edit Template.

Note: This action is required on ALL templates.

Step 4:

Select Ticket Types.

Step 5:

Scroll down to "Show Tickets Available on Sales Page," and check the box "ON" and SAVE.

In order to remove the number of tickets available, follow the above steps while checking "OFF" within Step 5.