In Brief; 

There are a few key considerations when choosing featured image for the EzBook Purchase Flow. The point is that the featured image needs to be flexible and something that can be cropped. 

Featured Image Considerations;

-The ideal image size that should be uploaded is 600 x 320 px.

-The image will always be cropped/scaled to fit the screen that a guest is using to book (desktop, mobile, tablet)

-Images with text or logos are not recommended as natural cropping can compromise the image

-If you would like to use a logo, consider one that has significant padding around the edges so that the centre of the logo is not compromised (padding is space around the outside of the logo)

- The desktop footer image will be a cropped square, the center of the 600 x 320 px at 320px x 320px section of the image.

How to Upload a Featured Image;

1. Navigate to the Templates tab in your account.

2. Select Edit Template from the right hand menu

3. Click Choose File  in Event Image and select a file to upload and then save! 


How do I Adjust to the Correct Image Size? 

An easy way to adjust an image size for the ideal specifications is to open the image in Preview and select Adjust Size from the Tool menu. 

You will then want to enter the correct specifications 600W x 320H, or enter 600 first and allow the proportionate scaling to adjust the numbers correctly. If the Height is greater than 320, that's fine, the image will just crop. But this way your image will scale proportionately and not look distorted. 

How Does the Image Display on Desktop? 

On desktop, the image will be cropped as a square with the dimensions of 320 x 320 in the booking process footer. It's important to consider uploading a photo or image that can be cropped and looks great no matter what screen size or dimension being used by your guest. 

How Does the Image Display on Mobile? 

The image on mobile will be a wider rectangle and will crop less than the desktop image.