1. Login to your EzSite Admin area (yourdomain.com/login)

2. Click on the "Guidebooks" tab in the left column

3. To start, click the green "Add Guidebook" button

4. Enter a title for this guidebook. This title isn't public-facing, so can be very specific. (i.e. Wednesday Downtown Tour)

5. Choose "Guidebook" from this first dropdown 

6. Enter your Tour Name and Description

7. Enter a hashtag for guests to reference in Social Media posts. Be sure to include the "#" in your entry. 

8. Within your guidebook, there is a footer area that asks guests to review their experience. Use these fields to link them directly to review pages. 

9. Your last step is to add stops to your Guidebook. Click on any stops from the left column (Stops are indicated with a dash in front of their name) and they will be added to your current list on the right. To re-order, use the right column to drag and drop in the order you want the stops to display in your Guidebook. To create stops, see this article

10. Click the green UPDATE button to save your Guidebook.