1. Login to your EzSite Admin area (yourdomain.com/login)

2. Click on the "Guidebooks" tab in the left column

3. To start, click the green "Add Guidebook" button

4. Enter a title for this stop. This title isn't public-facing, so can be very specific. (i.e. Restaurant Name Friday Serving)

5. In the area asking "Guidebook or Stops?", select "Stops" which will display a new set of content tabs.

6. All "Stops" must be associated to one Guidebook (but can be used on multiple Guidebooks). To do this use the "Page Attributes" box on the right side of your screen. 

7. Click on the dropdown for "Parent", you'll see a listing of all your Guidebook pages (Guidebooks and Stops). Choose the Guidebook this Stop should belong to by default. (Guidebooks will be those not indented in this dropdown) 

8. Work through all tabs: Stop Details, Images, Audio File, Content. All areas are conditional and if left blank will not display in your guidebook.

9. In the CONTENT tab, you have two options: Basic and Custom. Basic will give you a set layout to use. Custom gives you the flexibility to use all available content areas and place in any order you wish. 

10. Click the green "PUBLISH" button to save your new Stop.

11. You can now go back to your Guidebook and Add this Stop.