In Brief; 

Ensure you are collecting consistent, detailed and standardized information about your guest's dietary restrictions, even when you receive a booking from a third party source, or offline source like Expedia, Viator, Cloud 9.  When adding an offline booking, easily select dietary restrictions by guest. 

How to Add Your Guest's Dietary Information when Creating an Offline Booking

NOTE: You must Enable Dietary Alerts first, before collecting that information through the booking process or an offline booking. Learn how to enable Dietary Alerts HERE

Step 1; 

Navigate to your EVENTS tab in your account

Step 2;

Scroll down/jump to your Event Date, and Select Offline Booking on the right hand actions menu of the specific event

Step 3;

Enter in all of the form fields scroll down to select number of tickets from the dropdown menu

Step 4;

Click on the grey "Dietary Restrictions" button to view all dietary restrictions enabled/available on that experience. 

Select any dietary restrictions that guest might have, and click the button "Dietary Restrictions" again, to minimize that list. 

How to Add Your Guest's Dietary Information to an Existing Offline Booking

Navigate to your Events, or to a Booking through the Bookings/Events tab in your Account and search for the guest's name. 

Click on the Booking to open up the details and then select "Edit Guest Details" OR select "Edit Offline Booking", you'll have the option to make edits or changes to dietary restriction information at any time.

You'll then be able to select the tickets or make edits to the Dietary Restrictions from within the Offline Booking form.