The following features, system updates, and fixes have been released and are live in your account.  Please review the summary and corresponding articles and should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to 

An Overview; 

  • No Dates in Calendar? Your Guest Will be Directed to Call Your Custom Number
  • EzBook Image Optimization for All Devices 
  • Displaying Company Name for Events on the Bookings
  • System Issues and Bug Fixes

No Dates in Calendar? Your Guest Will be Directed To Call Your Custom Number 

If there are no available dates scheduled for an experience, a message that states: Unfortunately there are no dates currently scheduled for this experience. Please contact by phone at {{EzTix Customer Number}} should you have any questions - will display on your EzBook first step. Ensure you have dates added to the calendar!
To learn more click HERE 

EzBook Image Optimized for All Devices

EzBook featured Image requirements are now more optimal and sizing properly on all devices. For more suggestions and guidelines on ideal image sizing click HERE

Display Company Name on the Booking Modal

If you are running a conference or perhaps a corporate networking experience, and understanding what company your guests are coming from is crucial.  Collect the Company Name from your guests and have easy access by seeing it on the Booking modal and Booking list with these few easy steps. 

Learn more about company name collection and display HERE

System Issues and Bug Fixes; 

- Incorrect dummy text appearing in the Tour Guide Guest List  (referring to the upcoming Vendor Notifications module launching), is now no longer appearing. 

-Issue when ticket purchases were happening in Spanish, Italian or German, email content errors were occurring. This has been resolved.

- Week Label discrepancies between the Weekly Statement and the Statement Summary Report Weeks have been resolved. Summary report and weekly report's historical dates in sync.  

-The issue with Ezbook purchase button not displaying immediately with the use of a 100% Discount code, has been resolved. Now the purchase button is immediately responsive to discount code application, without delay or extra clicks. 

-A display issue on the Weekly Account Statement where the fees column and net payout column on Viator API refunds, has been corrected. Not to worry, the issue was only a display issue and did not affect Payout amounts.