In the event that even after attempting to manually connect to the Wifi available for your event under the iPhone's Settings > Wifi, the scanner will not connect to Wifi.


  • Please confirm with your onsite Technical Support what your Wifi Network and Wifi password is to ensure you have the correct information to connect to the available network.

  • EzTix onsite equipment requires access to a fast and secure WIFI connection, if your Wifi signal strength is not strong enough you may have issues connecting and will require your onsite Technical Support to establish a secure and strong Wifi connection.

  • Your Router's security settings may be out of date and may require an update to support iPhones with the capability to process secure credit card payments. If you receive a message on the Scanner such as "Weak Security. WPA is not considered secure. Configure router to use WPA2> personal (AES) security type," then the router's security settings do not support the device and other modern technology. Your onsite Technical Support team should be able to assist in updating settings from WAP to WEP as the security type.

  • All scanners are equipped with back-up 3G data on the Rogers/T-Mobile network. Provided the signal strength is strong enough in your region, this is an alternative to using Wifi. We cannot guarantee the service levels of 3G data as service regions fluctuate. 

  • An alternative to Wifi or 3G scanning is tethering by setting up a hotspot from another device:
    • Using another device with access to data, go to Settings.
    • Choose Cellular.
    • Tap on Set Up Personal Hotspot.
    • Go to Settings.
    • Choose Personal Hotspot.
    • Tap the button to turn your personal hotspot on.
    • Your hotspot is now active. The password is on your iPhone's screen and can be shared with the scanner to connect as a Wifi network.

  • Any iOS device can download the EzScanner App for free and use it as an alternative to the scanner provided should none of the options above resolve your issue.

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.