The EzScanner will not charge despite being plugged into a working outlet. When plugged in, next to the battery icon in the top right hand corner of the iPhone, there is no lightning bolt icon.



  • If you have a laser scanner in your possession that is not charging properly, this may be a result of the laser scanner case and iPhone becoming unpaired.
    • ¬†As outlined in the solution, Troubleshooting with the EzTix Scanner under the section, Laser Scanner case and iPhone not charging? / Laser Scanner Not Scanning, to re-pair the two devices press the clear button on the bottom of the laser case (it glows green when pressed/charging) and the scanning button on the right side of the device simultaneously. You will hear a beep to indicate that the devices have been paired. (This can only be done if the iPhone has an independent charge and the laser case has an independent charge.
    • If the iPhone has a charge but the laser scanner is dead (the clear button on the bottom of the laser case is not glowing green when pressed), you will need to charge the scanner to then re-pair.
    • Should trying to pair the devices not resolve the charging issue, we advise to remove the outer case and the laser scanner case, and slide the iPhone out of the laser scanner device to charge separately from the laser scanner case. Once charged, reassemble and attempt to pair. The iPhone is a snug fit and a good amount of pressure needs to be used to push down and slide up at the same time to get it out of the laser scanner case.

  • If you have a laser scanner or a scanner without laser case that is still not charging- through the process of elimination, determine whether the charging cube or chord are malfunctioning by swapping either out with alternative cubes or charging chords that may be available. If the hardware is the issue and you do not have a backup charger available to you, please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488 for further assistance.