In Brief; 

You may be running a Business to Business event , a conference or perhaps a corporate networking experience, and understanding where your guests are coming from is crucial.  Collect the Company Name from your guests during the booking process with these few easy steps.

How to Enable the Collection of Company Name During the Booking Process;

Navigate to Events tab within your Account.

Select the Ticket Types tab on the left hand menu

Select Collect Company Name tick box as ON and Save!

How is Company Name Collected on the Ticket Page?

The company name, when enabled, is a required field that needs to be entered by the guest booking.  The company name is collected where the address is collected, on Step 2 of the booking process. 

Where does the Company Name display?

Once the booking is made, the company name is collected and displays on the Booking List, within the Booking Details, and on the Sales Report. 

1. Booking List

Navigate to the Bookings tab

Search for the booking to view the company name in the booking list. The company name will populate in the Buyer column under the buyer name. 

2. Individual Booking Details

Navigate to Bookings tab

then search for the Booking and click to view the details. The company name will populate below the buyer name 

3. Sales Report

Navigate to Global Event Management

> Sales and Reports 

 Sales Report > Build Report

Ensure to select Company Name in the report fields and select GO!

You'll notice a new column in the sales report Company Name, displaying the Company Name collected for that booking