In Brief;

Sales breakdown by Sales Source is available at the bottom of the weekly account statement. This will allow you to identify your revenue by sales source, to identify your strengths in terms of where your sales are coming from, as well as reconcile your statements. 

What is a Sales Source? 

A Sales Source is simply the source of where your transaction is coming from. An example would be EzTix through your website, or through a third party like Viator API, Experience Days. 

How to Access your Source Breakdown List;

Navigate to Global Event Management 

Click on the Sales & Reports tab on the left hand side. 

Scroll down to your Weekly Account Statement and click Build Report

You'll then need to select the week that you need to see the source breakdown for;

Scroll down to the bottom of the report to view the Source Breakdown List, and you'll notice each Sales Source is listed, with corresponding totals for each column;