Please follow these protocols in assisting guests in redeeming their E-Certificate:

1. Ensure they have the E-Certificate NumberĀ available, as it is necessary to have this to redeem any E-Certificates. Regardless of how the E-Cert was issues to them (direct delivery, email, charity auction, etc.) they should always have been provided the E-Certificate number for redemption. This should ALWAYS BE the information you use to search for particular E-Certificates in an EzTix Account.

2. If they do not have the E-Certificate Number available, remember that WE CANNOT SEARCH FOR E-CERTS BY RECIPIENT INFORMATIONĀ so they will need to have the purchaser contact us to have the E-Cert re-sent to them.

3. If neither of these options are available to the caller, please let them know you will escalate to the Partner for further follow-up.