EzSites v5.3 was released to all EzSites partners on November 9th, 2017. This release focused on three new features for the EzSites system: Digital Guidebooks, Product Compare Page and new Font Options. We also rolled out a new program for Google Analytics reports. Sign up below to receive a set of custom reports for your website designed to help you make informative decisions as your market your experience in the upcoming year. Additionally, we worked out a few bugs along the way and continued to improve your EzSite load time.

NEW! Digital Guidebooks

Your EzSite is now more than just a website. For your guests, digital guidebooks means they get an enhanced experience by following along on their phone.  For you, it means an increase in reviews and social media followers.

Oslo Updates - Digital Guidebooks from EzTix on Vimeo.

NEW! Industry Leading Compare Page

Your EzSite is powerful because of the data we're able to collect from sites around the world. In our testing we found one page that was clicked on more than any other. The new compare page is meant to help increase ticket purchasing by helping guests easily understand the difference between your experiences.

NEW! Font Options

While our focus will always be increasing ticket sales, we also aim to help you create a home on the internet — a place that feels like your own. With this, we have built 3 new font options into your EzSite. Choose between Classic, Modern, or Elegant (pictured).

Signup for your monthly Google Report

Last month we announced the ability to send you monthly reports about your site's analytics. This month we're happy to announce it's up and running! CLICK HERE to sign up for our new Google Reports program, exclusively from EzSites.

If you have any questions about The Oslo Release (v5.3) simply email us at support@eztix.com