The following features, system updates, and fixes have been released and are live in your account.  Please review the summary should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to 

System Updates; 

The New EeCertificate Update Dec 2017 has launched and will include more options for cutomizing the ecertificate as well as an improved purchase process. 

It will include; 

- New look and feel of the E-certificate purchase process 

- Ability to send to a recipient and schedule the delivery date

- Ability to edit and adjust the value or balance of the E-certificate

- Ability to change the recipient name and email address

- Ability to set suggested pricing with a "calculator" to make the purchase easy for the guest.

- Add a custom Message for the guest

- Shortened description to simplify the booking process. 

For more information click HERE

Bug Fixes; 

-Google Analytics product performance was not firing any transaction value or summary.

- Guest who paid in Euros, was issued a refund in the host partner account's default currency and not in the currency that they paid in. This has been resolved. 

- Mobile booking issue that was not properly selecting tickets and updating the values at the checkout has been resolved.