In Brief; The challenge with implementing date exchanges across experience is of course the fact that dietary alerts and restrictions can differ from experience to experience. So when a booking is made on one experience where the guests has certain dietary restrictions and then requests an exchange for another experience, that can't be accommodated, it can present certain operational issues. Here is the process for dietary restrictions transferring on bookings to new/different templates or experiences. 

1. The system allows for exchanges between templates and will transfer over all dietary restrictions that are accommodated on both templates 

2. During the exchange process, if a dietary restriction is selected on the original booking that isn't accommodated on the new experience the system will warn the agent/user doing the exchange that this is the case. In this example, "No Alcohol" is not accommodated on the new experience. 

Bookings > Search Booking > Date Exchange 

3. If a dietary restriction is selected on a booking that isn't accommodated on the new experience, the system will not transfer over the dietary restriction, but will place the dietary restriction on the original booking in the booking note, with a note to explain that the booking originated from an exchange and that the dietary alert was not able to be copied from the original transaction. 


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