The following features, system updates, and fixes have been released and are live in your account.  Please review the summary should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to 

System Updates; 

 1. Date Exchanges between experiences and transferring Dietary Restrictions;

If a dietary restriction is selected by the guest on the original booking that isn't accommodated on the new experience the system will warn the agent/user doing the date exchange that this is the case. The dietary restriction that isn't able to be accommodated will not be transferred to the dietary alerts section in the booking/booking list, but will be transferred to the booking notes on the new transaction. 

More details HERE

2. Tracking Code Injections now available for Ecertificate purchases.
More information on inserting tracking codes HERE

Bug Fixes; 

 Iphone and Android EzTix App showing "No Date" for Tour Guides assigned to tours has been fixed. All tour guides are able to see their tours.