In Brief;

eCertificates will naturally default to loading in a new tab, however you can easily launch the eCertificate process in a pop up modal so it loads above your website. 


The link to launch eCertificates is the same as the details for launching the booking process for any template experience, with the same JS and CSS present. 

The difference is that you will need to add an additional data-ezcerts="1" attribute:

In other words, use your sales integration details, add "data-ezcerts="1" in the middle of the code as per the example above.  Learn more about accessing Sales Integration Codes HERE 

In order to find the unique ecertificate Id of the ecertificate sales page by following these steps. 

Select Global Event Management 

Select E-Certificates


there's a public E-certificate sales link  and the unique id is at the end of the link. Eg. 25843

Once you have created the new code, insert the details into your website on your eCertificate page and the eCertificate will launch in a pop up modal rather than a new tab.