The following features, system updates, and fixes have been released and are live in your account.  Please review the summary and corresponding articles and should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to 

System Updates; 

1. Adding Multiple Tour Guides (more than 2) will be live at approximately 3:00PM EST Friday Jan 5.

A few important notes about adding multiple tour guides;

- Now an option to notify a guide when they are added or removed from a tour

- No longer a dropdown menu in the events/calendar/manifest to select tour guides, but rather a edit icon that launches a modal to drag and drop available guides to selected guides for that event.

- Assign multiple guides in bulk edit functionality in Events, and in advances options when adding new tour guides.

Read more about assigning tour guides to your experiences HERE and HERE 

2. View Dietary Alerts by guest in a Sales Report

Select the "guest info" report field when generating a Sales Report to view the selected dietary alerts by guest for each transaction.

read more about Dietary Alerts HERE 

3. Launching eCertificates in a Pop up Modal 

Modify the eCertificate sales process to launch in a pop up window over your website instead of a new tab. 

Learn how to launch an eCertificate in a pop up modal HERE . Note, not recommended for those not confident navigating the backend of a website. 

EzTix App Updates; 

1. Ability to view Pending Events within the events list  and on the Dashboard. (will say PENDING and have a grey colour indicator) There is also the ability to change an event from Pending to Live on the app. Simply click on the event, swipe left to view the "Make Event Live" button. Read more about making your events Pending/Live HERE

2. Manifest/Tour Notes now showing on the app, with the ability to view, edit or add notes for all users. Simply click the notepad icon on the top of the event, once within the event itself to display any available notes, or edit/add notes. Read more about viewing and editing notes on the app HERE 

3. Bulk Checkin is now available with the checkin waiver functionality. Allowing bulk checkin, checking in all guests on a transaction with a single click of the finger, and if the checkin waiver is enabled, cycling through each guest, collecting name and emails from each guest. Read more about Bulk Checkin and Checkin Waivers HERE 

Google Analytics Update; 

Withe the EzBook process, the funnel steps for tracking checkout behaviour data in google analytics include 7 steps. Date Select, Time Select, Ticket Select, Customer Information, Payment Information, Confirmation, Additional Info/Finalization


That being said,  for orders coming through the calendar, or direct links to bookings were skewing the data and possibly creating false statistics. The following updates have been made.

  1. Preloading a date (linking from a calendar) will automatically trigger steps 1 & 2, and the tracking will make it appear that the user entered from step 1 (date select). 
  2. Any eCertificate sale will  trigger steps 1 & 2, as it's first screen is essentially step 3 (Ticket Select). Checkout behavior will make it appear that the user has already been through steps 1 and 2. 
  3. On mobile there is no step 2, it is auto triggered on step 3.

Read more about Google Analytics HERE 

Bug Fixes;

-EzBook Footer; Booking summary in footer section of the payment step of EzBook displaying 0 tickets and $0 has been updated to display subtotal before fees and taxes.

-EzBook Layout Issues when navigating from Calendar to Week View;EzBook displaying previously and current selected dates when going back and forth in the booking process from the Calendar to the Week View has been fixed and layouts are consistently updating as they should.

-EzBook Finalization Screen;After completing a booking, the confirmation/finalization screen was not loading with the booking number and thank you message despite booking going through

-Google Adwords Conversions Tracking; Google Adwords Conversion Script inconsistencies in not firing conversions data has been fixed however is still being monitored. 

- Manifest/Event notes with significant text would overlap onto the buyer questions. Now text is wrapping correctly and pushing text down the page. No layout issues on the manifest.

- EzBook was not differentiating the next available public tour, but was displaying the next pending/private tour dates (without displaying the actual event as available). Now EzBook will show the next available date, only if public

- With the rollout of the Multi Guide feature, Senior Tour Guides were not able to see the assigned guides on a tour. This was rectified.