In brief: EzPassScan App is our new and improved solution for scanning passport programs. The new App is more intuitive and clean, it no longer requires scanners to toggle between producers and events before scanning or have multiple login credentials for different accounts, the following article outlines quick Troubleshooting steps to get you back up and scanner in no time. For more information on how to use the App, please see the solution Using the EzPassScan App.

Troubleshooting App Auto-downloads

In the event that you have a scanner in your possession that does not have the new EzPassScan App on it, please complete the following to get it downloaded onto your device:

1. Make sure the scanner iOS is up to date. Settings > General > Software Update.

2. Make sure the scanner is connected to wifi or data. A strong signal is necessary.

3. Restart the scanner.

4. Check to see if EzPassScan auto updates- it's icon should appear somewhere on the home screen. 

5. In the event that it does not, please open up the Safari App on the scanner and manually download and/or update the App by typing the following URL in Safari: and selecting Download.

App Password Reset

In the event that you have forgotten your password, please select Lost your password? on the login page to receive further assistance.

Issues Logging into App

You need to be connected to wifi or data to use the App. If you have a strong wifi connection and are still experiencing issues logging in, please troubleshoot with the following steps:

1. Download the most up to date version of the App - please open up the Safari App on the scanner and manually update by typing the following URL in Safari: You will see the App update in real-time. Then test logging in.

2. Ensure that your scanner's iOS is up to date. Settings > General > Software Update. Complete update if necessary and attempt to log in.

3. Double check you are using the correct login credentials. 

4. Contact for further assistance if you are unable to log in after going through the steps above.

Issues with Camera Scan

Should you experience issues using the camera scan feature, i.e. the camera seems to be frozen or is a black screen, please review the following steps to remedy the issue:

1. Go to Settings > General > and scroll down to the App section and find EzPassScan > select it and ensure that EzPassScan has access to the Camera. 

2. Log in and out and test camera scan within the App again.

Undoing Duplicate Scans

EzPassScan was developed to avoid accidental duplicate scanning- as it is a two step process to validate a scan. First you must scan with the camera feature or by manually typing in the passport number to bring up the passport holder's details- then you must press OK to validate the pass. However, in the event that this occurs twice unintentionally, you have the option to select UNDO below the OK button.

The UNDO feature is only available for the last passport you have scanned. If you require a scan that was not the very last scan made to be removed, please contact to request the scan be removed. You must provide the specific passport number and confirm your passport location (Winery) with Support.

Issues with App Freezing / Stuck on a Green Spinning Wheel

1. Log in and out of the App, this resolves the issue almost always.

2. Ensure you are connected to a strong Wifi or Cellular connection. If the connection keeps dropping, the App may freeze. You will need to establish a stronger wifi signal if you cannot connect to the cellular 3g network OR connect to a cellular hotspot. Please see Why will the Scanner Not Connect to 3G Data? and refer to resolution option 3 to establish a hotspot connection.

The App will not work despite ALL Troubleshooting above

1. Contact EzTix's Partner Support immediately for further assistance at or 1-877-413-2488. In the meantime please download the App for free via the Apple or Android stores and use an alternative personal device. Please note that only iPhone iOS devices of 8.0 and higher are compatible with EzPassScan.

2. Manually record all passport numbers if you do not have access to another device to scan with. You must email EzTix Partner Support passports numbers the SAME day passports were redeemed, otherwise we cannot guarantee those scans will be accounted for.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to us at or 1-877-413-2488.