In Brief; 

Change an event from Pending to Live or from Live to Pending while on the go, using the EzTix app to make tickets available on your website. 


1. Login to the app, 

2. Select Events from the main menu at the bottom of the screen, or click the event from the next 5 experiences in your dashboard. 

Pending events will be indicated with the grey left hand side event indicator, and will also say PENDING to indicate the status. 

3. Tap on the pending or live event to open the event, and on the top bar navigation bar (dark grey), you will see any assigned guides, and event information. 

4. SWIPE your finger to the left to view the "Make this event Live" button and to change the status from pending to live in real time. 

Do the same for any live event to "Make Event Pending" and your event will become Pending.