In Brief;

Assign tour guides to experiences while using the EzTix app. Note that only guides 1 and 2 will appear in the event list summary and within the event itself. Though once tour guide editing is beginning, all guides assigned to the experience will be shown and all guides assigned, will be able to view their assigned events and checkin guests. 

Step by Step.

1. Login to the EzTix app

2. Select Events from the main menu at the bottom, or from the next 5 experiences in the dashboard. Note, you must be higher than tour guide permission level to be able to assign other tour guides to experiences. 

3. Click on the currently assigned guide name, or in the example below on the blank space next to each small green man icon (above ticket type capacity). 

4. Once clicked, a list of all available guides, or those who CAN be assigned to the experience will be presented. 

5. Tap the green + to add guides to the "SELECTED GUIDES" section below, and to assign them to the experience. 

6.  Once selected, the guides will appear below. The first two guides will appear in the event summary header, so use the dark grey arrows to bump up or push down, to prioritize the guides as you wish.  

Click SAVE

If there are more than 2 guides assigned to an experience you will note a small +1 in the event summary and the events list. 
Click the +1, +2 on the event etc to edit!