In Brief; 
This article will describe how to generate and interpret a Passport Scan Report. Note, the passport scan report will only be available on accounts with Passports enabled, and will only generate data exclusively if the ticket is considered a passport and then redeemed using the EzPass scanner. 

The report will then break down passport scan redemptions by date, location and pass type. 

Note, locations will need to be added, and users will need to login with their valid Location user credentials automatically generated by the system in order to redeem passports accurately.

How to Generate a Passport Scan Report

1. Login to EzTix

2.  Navigate to the Events > Sub Event that the passports are enabled on

3. Click the Sales & Reports tab

4. Scroll down to "Passport Scan Report" and click "Build Report. 

Date will be displayed at the top, and the pass types will be displayed with pass types. 

Locations will be listed on the left hand side; 

Read more about Locations and login credentials HERE