In Brief; 

Once an agency has been created and agents have been added to the agency under an existing EzTix account, Agents will be sent login details with the ability to set their passwords and login to the Agent Portal to sell experiences to guests on behalf of EzTix partners. Learn how to login and 

Step 1. Login to the Ez Agent Portal with the login credentials provided to you by your EzTix partner. If you have forgotten your password, click the link Lost Password to reset your password. 

Step 2. Select the logo icon for the Experience Partner you would like to sell tickets on behalf of. 

Step 3.  You will be presented with a list of all available experiences. 


Select BOOK NOW for the experience that you would like to sell tickets for. 

You will then be presented with payment options. 

The default option will always be Gross Payment. If enabled by the EzTix Partner for the agency, agents will be presented with Net Pay option or Post pay option.