In Brief: Locating a Customer's Booking once they have booked an experience through you or another member of your agency is simple. 

Once logged into the EzAgent portal, you will notice along the left hand side of the  screen the manage bookings bar. 

Click "Manage Bookings"

The search engine will look at data in your guests' and buyer's names, email addresses, transaction ID to assist you in finding a guest's booking. You can also use the filters to search or isolate the Agency, Producer, Experience, booking date etc. 

The default view will allow you to search all, but you can click on any of the filters to narrow down your search or your booking list view. 

The most recent bookings will appear at the top of your  list. Simply enter a first/last name, email address or transaction number in the Search Bar. 

Click "My Bookings" filter button to view only bookings made by you, and not any other agent belonging to the agency.  The list of bookings 

Click "Date Range" to isolate the booking date range or the event date range. 

Click "Today Only" to show bookings that were only made today. 

Select "Experience" to isolate all bookings made for a specific experience or Experience producer to isolate the EzTix producer partner if you are affiliated as an agent on different accounts. 

Select "Clear" to clear the filters. 

Once you have located the booking, simply click anywhere on the booking to open up the booking details, review details, make changes, resend tickets. 

Learn more about managing your Bookings HERE.