In Brief;

Once you have created an agency, created agents and set up what experiences and commission rates you would like your agencies to sell your experiences for, you may want to simply set up affiliate sales links for your experiences. 

What is an Affiliate Sales Link?

These affiliate sales links would be a public url that you can post on any website, and easily track the source of that revenue as well as automatically calculate commission for each booking made through that link.  For example, you may want to sell your experiences on a third party or hotel website, and have guests book on that website as it may get more traffic. You can create an agency as that hotel or third party, and rather than having only agents manually responsible for booking your guests, you can generate a public link or url for each of your experiences and allow guests to book directly with the affiliate sales link. The guest will automatically pay the gross amount Net Rate + Commission that is stipulated for that Agency. 

How to generate affiliate sales links for your experiences

1. Login to EzTix

2. Access Global Event Management

4. Select the Ez Agent link on the left hand side menu

5. Ensure you have set up an Agency and Agents read more HERE

6. Once the Agency is create, you will see "Sales Links" link on the right hand side of the agencies list. 

Once you select the "Sales Links" link, you will then have access to a list of affiliate links for each experience you have enabled for this agency.

 You can then copy and paste each of these links and post them on any website, share them in an email etc to track purchases made through this agency. Each purchase made through one of these links will track that they are affiliated with the agency and appear as such in your reconciliation console with the Gross payment option, as well as tracked on the booking details and on your sales report. 

How Can I tell a Booking is made through affiliate sales link?
The affiliated agency will appear in your Booking Details in the Payment details section of each booking. 

The Payment type for affiliate sales links will always be Gross Pay (Guest), and any commission owed to the agency will be calculated in the reconciliation report.