In Brief; Understanding the fundamentals as well as frequently asked questions of the EzAgent feature. 

 EzAgent: About

The Ez Agent feature will allow you to sell your experiences through third parties or agencies. The feature will allow you to create and store agencies and agents, and allow them to sell your experiences and earn commission at the rates that you stipulate and control. Individual agents will be able to login to a dedicated portal, book your experiences and manage guests bookings through a system that is directly connected to your EzTix account availability. Ez Agent will also allow you to share affiliate links for these agencies for each of your experiences. Guests can book your experiences through these affiliate links allowing you to track revenue earned for each experience and each agency. 

Why use the Ez Agent Feature to Sell Your Experiences;

- Increase your reach and revenue potential by selling your experiences through both a dedicated agent portal as well as direct URLs known as affiliate links

- Incentivize individual sales agents by providing a commission for each transaction booked through the EzAgent portal

- Agents will have an easy to use sales portal with the ability to sell your experiences on your behalf that directly connect to your EzTix account and booking availability

- Agents will have the ability to manage bookings on your behalf, resend tickets, change guest details. 

- Reduce time spent on managing third party bookings, and remove the need to manually upload third party bookings as offline bookings 

- Ability to track and reconcile third party payment all within EzTix 

What is an example of a Sales Agent or Agency? 

- An individual who owns a website or blog

- Travel or tourism board

- Hotel Concierge

- Travel Agency

- Third Party Experience Reseller

Quick Links to Working with Ez Agent:

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Understanding Payment Options

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FAQs: Understanding Agents and Agencies

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I want to set up an agency for one person or one agency without agents. How do I do that? 

You must set up a minimum of one agent for each agency. If you are using a friend to sell your experiences, you can simply add an agency and call it that friend's name, and the agent details as that friend's name and email as well. There is no limitation or restriction on what you call or label the agency as. 

Is there a limit to the amount of agents on an agency? 

There is no limit to the amount of agents on an agency. Each agency can have multiple agents under their agency list and each will have a unique login to the EzAgent portal. 

At least 1 agent must be added to an agency. 

Can I list $0 commission or 0% commission rate for an agency so that I can just understand where bookings are coming from and not have to pay commission to an agent?

Yes, you can list $0 or 0% commission rate and simply have your agents or affiliate links sell your tickets at the same rate that you sell on your website. 

What do Agents see when they login to the portal? Are there notes I can add for them? 

Yes, you can add sales notes for each agency. Click "edit agency" and above the experiences and ticket type settings, simply add a sales note. Once they select your account to book experiences when logged in, they will be be able to see that information/sales notes that you have added for them.  EDIT AGENCY

What is an Affiliate Sales Link? 

An affiliate sales links would be a public URL that you can post on any website, and easily track the source of that revenue as well as automatically calculate commission for each booking made through that link.  For example, you may want to sell your experiences on a third party or hotel website, and have guests book on that website as it may get more traffic. You can create an agency as that hotel or third party, and rather than having only agents manually responsible for getting bookings in, you can generate a public link or url for each of your experiences. Each Agency will have their own links for each experience you have enabled for that agency, and will track bookings coming through that affiliate link. 

Can I sell my tickets at a higher price for bookings made through a sales agent?

The amount you wish to retain should be less than the current listed ticket type on your public website.  

Agents will use the Net Payment feature or Post Pay payment option should they wish to charge the customer more than what your ticket types are listed as publicly.

FAQs: Understanding Agency Payment and Reporting; 

Learn more about Reconciliation and Reports

Learn more about Understanding Payment Options 

How do I track sales or revenue for bookings that come through Affiliate Links? 

Global Event Management > Sales & Reports > Sales Agency Name Field Report 

How do I generate a sales report for one agency or individual agents or agencies?

Global Event Management > Sales & Reports > Sales Agency Name Field Report and or Sales Agent Name Report Field

Understanding Agent Reconciliation Reports; 

How can I mark a sales agent as paid or unpaid? 

Global Event Management > Ez Agent > Agency > Reconciliation Report 

Each transaction made through each agency, will be able to be marked as paid and unpaid. Meaning the commission is paid from the EzTix Partner to the agency or agent. 

Click on each booking to mark as paid/unpaid. 

There will be a dropdown menu that will allow you to filter through unpaid versus paid. 


Can I pay the Agent directly through EzTix or deduct my earnings from my EzTix bookings to pay my agent's commission? 

No, you cannot generate payments for commission for your agencies through EzTix.  Once you have generated sales data, you must pay the agencies separately from EzTix. 

What are the various methods guests and agents will pay for experiences? 

There are three possible payment options for agencies. Gross, will be the default and will always be available as an option. 

Though if enabled the Net Pay option or the Post Pay option will also be available for the agents to select during the booking process, which will give the agency more flexibility and autonomy.


The guest credit card will be used to pay the full price of the ticket as stipulated in the agency settings, plus any commission rate. 

Gross payment method is also the only method used with Affiliate links (public URLs used to track agency bookings without agent login). 

The total payment is collected, and commission to be calculated and distributed separately to the agent/agency after the booking is made. 

Eg. $27.00 NET, 10% Commission Rate = $30.00 Gross

 10% commission will be paid separately to the agent or Agency after the booking is made. 


The agent credit card will be used to pay the net amount, before commission. Payment is collected from guests separately by the agent or agency.
Commission is then collected from the EzTix partner and paid to the agency after the fact.

Only pays the net value before commission is calculated. 

Eg. $27.00 NET, 10% Commission Rate = $30.00 Gross

Amount Paid; 


Post payment will allow agents to book experiences without payment. They will however be invoiced separately by the EzTix partner after the booking takes place for the value of the tickets agreed to between the EzTix partner and the agency or agent.  The Agency will accept payment from the guest for the experience separately. 

FAQs: Understanding Bookings Made Through an Agency

How Can I tell what agency or agent that booked the guest? 

Navigate to the Bookings tab in your account > Search Bookings > Click on the booking and  Scroll down to Payment Details and you will be able to see the agent details as well as the corresponding agency. 

What is on the receipt sent to guests booking through a Sales Agent and what confirmation email does an Agent get? 

If the agent selects to Invoice the client separately, a ticket confirmation email will be sent to the guest without payment information. A separate email will be sent to the Sales Agent and any flagged agents that have been set to be notified of all bookings that will  including commission details for that transaction. 

If the agent selects Gross Payment a ticket confirmation email will be sent to the guest without payment information. A separate email will be sent to the Sales Agent and any flagged agents that have been set to be notified of all bookings that will including commission details for that transaction. 

If the agent selects Net Payment or to have the guest pay on their card, the ticket confirmation to buyers will be sent, including agent details + Sales Agent confirmation showing net amount paid.

What is an average commission rate for sales agents? 

In the travel industry the average commission rate for sales agents is anywhere between 7 and 12%. 

If I refund a sales agent booking, how much is returned to the customer?

The full amount the guest or the agency paid on the credit card. 

How can I tell what a customer paid? 

The total booking amount will display in the payment details of the booking. Though if the booking stipulates NET (Agency) then the guest transaction took place between the guest and the agency. 

How can I tell if they paid with the agency card or with the guest card?

Payment type will be displayed in the payment details of the booking. You will see Payment Type either NET (Agency), Gross (Guest) or Post Pay.