Google uses over 200 different factors in deciding how to rank your site. And these factors are continually being updated to make sure you don't cheat their system. They have teams of engineers to ensure searches return the most credible, accurate content.

The best thing you can do for your SEO is to provide a website that people want to use. We can also look at SEO in 3 different components.

Paid SEO
Comes in the form of Google AdWords and paid search, where you're paying to rank at the top of the page.

Organic SEO
Includes your content, links to your site, and even your credibility as a business concerning reviews.

Technical SEO
The technical side covers things like site speed, mobile accessibility, coding structures, and more.

The EzSites team handles all of your technical SEO, both today and in the future. We continually update the system based on changes in the website development world.

The most important thing for you to do is to write content people want to read. Write valuable, consistent blogs. We have found blogs are the best way to generate traffic and rapport with the search engines to build more of your organic SEO. Create great content, and things will start to change. It's not going to happen overnight; it will take months to climb up the rankings.

You should also look to write focus keywords, which can be placed in your EzSite. This article written by the company who provides the SEO plugin we use is helpful. It can get a bit technical at times but sums up what a focus keyword should be.