In Brief; 
There are three possible payment options for agencies and agents to select, if enabled. Gross, will be the default and will always be available as an option for agents. 

Though if enabled  the Net Pay option or the Post Pay option will also be available for the agents to select during the booking process. 

Understanding Payment Options;

While logged in to, having selected BOOK NOW for an experience, selected date, time, number of tickets and entered required guest information, the agent will be selected with payment options; 

Gross pay is always an available payment method and is the default pay method. Gross payment method is also used with Affiliate links. 

The guest credit card will be used  to pay the full price of the ticket plus any commission rate. 

Total payment is paid (ticket price as well as included commission rate). 

Eg. $27.00 NET, 10% Commission Rate = $30.00 Gross Paid 


Agent credit card will be used to pay the net amount, before commission. 

Payment is collected from Guests separately.  Commission is then collected from the EzTix partner and paid to the agency after the fact.

Agent or Agency will pay only the net value before commission is calculated. 

Eg. $27.00 NET and the agency or agent will collect payment from the guest separately. 


 Agents can book experiences without payment but will be invoiced separately by the EzTix partner after the booking takes place for the value of the tickets agreed to between the EzTix partner and the agency or agent.