In Brief; 
Once agencies and agents are set up and enabled to sell your experiences, you will need to ensure you are reporting and tracking all agency and agent bookings for both bookings made through the portal, and bookings made through affiliate links or public urls.  Each booking will have the amount paid, and total or commission owed to either your account or the agency. 

In the case of Ez Agent and reconciling bookings made through your agencies, agents and affiliate links, the reconciliation report will allow you to view what is owed to the agency and what is owed to you from the agency, balancing your accounts. The payment of commission rates for each booking to each agency as well as invoicing to the agency for money owed to you, will be done separately from EzTix and is the responsibility of the EzTix partner. 

Agency Booking Reconciliation; 

In order to review all agency and agent bookings, commission amount owed, and mark bookings as paid and reconciled follow these steps to navigate to the Ez Agent Reconciliation report. 

STEP 1. Select Global Event Management from the main navigation menu. 

STEP 2. Select Ez Agent from the left hand side menu

STEP 3. Select Reports next to any active agency in the agency list. 

You will then be presented with the reconciliation report with the opportunity to filter through booking date ranges, agency bookings. 

Each transaction made through each agency, will display on the reconciliation screen. The screen will display the agency name, transaction number, booking amount, commission owed, payment history, amount owed outstanding and whether the booking commission has been paid or invoiced for.

There will be a dropdown menu that will allow you to filter through unpaid versus paid, meaning the commission is paid from the EzTix Partner to the agency

STEP 4. Select the agency for which you would like to review bookings in the dropdown menu (if not already selected) and click Reconcile

A list of all bookings made through this agency that have not yet been reconciled, for which you owe commission or that you need to invoice the agency for will appear. 

Select the radio box under PAY for each booking that you would like reconcile (pay or owe) and adjust the pay amount to less than full if you are only paying the agency a portion of the pay amount. 

Once you select all the bookings that you would like to reconcile, you will be presented with the payment details and notes section for all those bookings.

This is where you can write a record for the payment reference, and notes for that set of bookings. Click POST PAYMENT to complete the reconciliation. 

The notes and payment reference will then appear in line with all the bookings that have been reconciled. In this example, you will see the date the payment was made, amount paid, and the reference number for the statement or payment history that you generated. 


Here is an example of how 3 different payment options (selected by your agency during the checkout process) are reflected in the reconciliation of 1 General Admission ticket purchased. The experience pricing suggests that the gross ticket price is $10, the net ticket price is $9.00 with a 10% commission rate. 

1. If  Gross Pay is selected and Guest credit card used to pay for the full ticket price $10 , plus taxes $1.56, fees $2.00. TOTAL 13.56. 

 In this case, you would owe the agency $1.00 commission or 10% on the $10 ticket. 

2. If  Net Pay (Agency credit card used to pay the net ticket price before commission)  - 12.56. Nothing or  $0.00 is owed to the agency, as they paid the net amount, which is the amount paid to you. The agency will then be charging the guest separately for the booking and collecting any additional or commission revenue from that transaction.

3. If  Post Pay (no payment) is selected during the purchase process, the amount owed is $12.56 and will appear as a negative number;  -$12.56 (Total minus the $1 commission) or the net value of the tickets+taxes and fees. 

This $12.56 is something you will invoice the agency for. 

Can I pay the Agent directly through EzTix or deduct my earnings from my EzTix bookings to pay my agent's commission? 

No, you cannot generate payments for commission for your agencies through EzTix.  You will need to invoice or pay the agency separately. 

Generating Sales Report for Agencies or Individual Agents

Global Event Management > Sales & Reports > Sales Agency Name Field Report and or Sales Agent Name Report Field