In brief: EzTix is excited to announce our new and improved EzPassScan Passport Scanning App! The EzPassScan will replace the EzScanner App for all winery passport programs. Completely simplifying your scanning experience, you no longer need to toggle between producers or events, or have multiple login credentials for different accounts. Once logged into the App with your new credentials all you need to do is scan as usual, it is completely automated from there! EzPassScan is intuitive with a clean interface for proven, smooth scanning!

Ensure EzPassScan is downloaded to your EzTix Scanner

If you do not see the new EzPassScan App on your device automatically, please open up the Safari browser on the scanner, and manually type in: and click download. This will download the most up to date version of the App- complete with the new Undo Scan button and Scan Report screen.

Using the App:

  • Please ensure you can open the App and successfully log in with the credentials that have been provided to you by EzTix.
    I.e. The login screen:
  • Note that you will automatically be ready to scan once logged in. You do not need to select a program or event, the system automatically knows what kind of passport for which program you are scanning.
  • You can scan using the camera scan option (hover over the QR passport code to scan) or click on the green hand in the top right corner of the screen to manually input a passport number.
    I.e. Click the top right hand corner hand icon to enter passport numbers manually. 
  • You can Lookup a Pass manually to review where it was previously scanned or who the passport holder is. As well as review the Scan Report throughout the program to view scans at your location per day.
  • In order to validate (redeem) a passport, you must scan or manually input the passport number and then select OK.
    I.e. Once the QR code is scanned or the passport number is manually entered, you will see the following screen. You must select OK to validate the scan. Alternatively you can select Undo if necessary.
  • You will be able to view the history of that passport prior to hitting ok.

Important things to note:

  • DO NOT use the old EzScanner App for any Passport Program.
  • You must have access to a strong wifi connection to use the App. We cannot guarantee the backup data on the device will work as the service levels vary across regions.
  • Should you have a scanner with the laser scanner case, please review the following solution should you have issues charging your device:
  • Scanners should be used in moderate temperatures, we do not suggest scanning outdoors during cold weather as your device can lose battery power quickly and/or completely die.
  • The App is downloadable for FREE in the Apple and Android stores. If you have issues with your scanner or rushes you'd like to expedite we highly suggest you download the App to personal devices prior to an issue arising.
  • If you have issues scanning in real-time (i.e. the App has frozen or there is a green spinning wheel), log out of the App, close the App and try logging back in and scanning- this will resolve the issue nearly every time.
  • In the event that you are unable to scan in real-time with either the camera scan option or manual scan feature and are unable to use a personal device, please manually record passport numbers and email them as soon as possible to


If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact EzTix at or call them at 1-877-413-2488.