In Brief; Understand how to recognize an EzAgent booking or booking made through an agent or agency from a regular sale made on your website, or a sale added manually as an offline booking. 

Step 1. Navigate to your BOOKINGS tab within the main menu

Step 2. Search for a guest name if you know the name of the guest OR use the Agency filter in the Bookings View to filter through recent bookings made by this agency. 

Step 3. Locate the booking and click to open the booking details. 
You will then notice an Orange indicator badge beside "Confirmed sale" that says EZAGENT. This will let you know the booking was made by an agency. 

Step 4. 

What Agency or Agency made the booking? Scroll down to the payment details for the agent name and in brackets the Agency on your account that made the booking. The payment option selected during the checkout process based will also display. Learn more about Payment Options HERE learn more about Creating and Editing your Agency Settings HERE

In the following example you will notice; 

PAYMENT TYPE: Net Pay (Agency) - meaning the agent selected Net Pay and to use their company credit card to pay for the net ticket price, or the ticket price before commission calculated. 

EzAgent: Rich Conaway is the EzAgent, with his email address as well as the Agency (Disneyland Food Tours). 

If the booking is made through an affiliate sales link, the Payment details will say "Affiliate Link Sale " and the name of the agency.