In Brief; 

EzTix will offer protection options for every ticket you sell, embedded into the booking purchase process. A small fee is added on top of the price of your tickets to provide refund and cancellation protection for your guests, handled independently by TicketGuardian. If mandated and required protection is enabled on your events/experiences, and a guest requests a refund for any reason leading up to the experience start time, they can submit a claim through the link in their confirmation emails and follow a few simple steps. The protection will allow you to retain all funds and retain revenue, while keeping the guest happy and also allow you to make the tickets available for sale again. 

Getting Started; Select Your Protection Options! 

You will have three options for enabling ticket protection settings for every ticket sold to your events and experiences. 

IMPORTANT: if you do not select one of the 2 options on your Events or Templates, the 2. Optional Coverage Protection option will be the DEFAULT (Global Event Management), meaning ticket protection will be something your guests can opt out of during the purchase process and will not be forced to purchase coverage.

To Select Settings at the Template or Event level, please follow these instructions. However, if you navigate to Global Event Management, you can select settings to apply to all transactions for all experiences.  

Step 1 - Experience Operators

Navigate to TEMPLATES tab in the main menu

Select "Edit Template" or the template title to adjust settings for each of your templates. 

Select the "Ticket Guardian" tab within the template settings

Step 1 - Event Operators

Navigate to EVENTS tab in the main menu

Select an event. This must be the MAIN event and not a sub event. 

Select the "Ticket Guardian" tab within the Event settings 

Now, Select One of the 2 Ticket Protection Options and select Save Settings

1. Mandated (not optional)

Selecting the mandated option will provide full attendee coverage for your guests and the ability to make a claim to refund their tickets for absolutely any reason up to 14 days before the start time of the experience, and then after 14 days, they will move on to the standard policy. The mandated option will not provide an option and the protection will be automatically added to the purchase process for all tickets being purchased. 

Mandatory coverage automatically applies to every ticket and doesn’t show as a separate line item.  You can choose for the fees to come out of your regular ticket price, or you can adjust to meet your needs.  All guests will be covered by the Full-Attendee policy (more than 14 days before the experience start date) and also offers the best pricing as low as $1.99 per ticket.

Read more about the Full Attendee Coverage

The Mandated Option will appear in the booking process as such; 

2. Optional  (DEFAULT)

Selecting optional ticket protection will allow guests to decide if they want to purchase Standard Coverage  for their ticket purchase. 

NOTE: The optional ticket protection will not allow the "no questions asked" policy and will only allow for refunds under certain pre-approved circumstances or situations.  Read More About the Standard Policy

The Optional Option will appear in the booking Process as such; 

Opt-Out gives your guests the protection price as a separate line item in EzBook with the option to forgo their coverage. Accounts using the Opt-Out Option will have the Standard Protection, which limits the number of reasons your guests can file a claim for a refund.

How will this affect my account? 

1. Retain funds lost through refunds; The ticket value that the guests paid (minus the insurance fee) is refunded completely to the guests and all funds for the ticket value are retained by you. 

2. Increased Conversion Rates: The number one factor for guests not buying tickets is seeing "non refundable non exchangeable" on your website. Ticket Guardian case studies have historically proven increased conversion rates. 

3. New Revenue Gained: The tickets refunded through the insurance claim will become potentially new revenue. 

What will my guests be paying? 

Price of the protection is based on percentage of total ticket price. The protection fee will cover the full value of the ticket price, minus the fees.

Mandated with Full Attendee Coverage 

Tickets Priced Up to $24.99 USD – $1.99 

Up to $49.99 USD - $2.99

Over $50 - 6% of ticket price

Optional Opt in with Standard Policy

Tickets Priced Up to $24.99 USD – $2.49

Op to $49.99 USD – $3.99

Over $50.00 USD – 6.5%

How do guests make a protection claim?

In the booking process, when a refund button is selected, the Booking details will specify that the booking is covered by protection.

The options are;

1.  Send the buyer the instructions to file the protection claim via email link. The claim will happen directly on the TicketGuardian website.

2. Direct the buyer to make a claim via the link in their confirmation email. 

All funds for the refund will be returned to the guest, the partner (you) will retain revenue from those refunded ticket and the tickets will be cancelled, making them available for purchase by another guest.  

How do I refund a protected booking?

If you would like to proceed with a regular refund and return the funds to the guest without having them file a claim, you can still proceed with the refund steps, however if the booking is protected, the booking will be marked as a protected booking through the BLUE indicator. 

Should that Refund button be selected, they would be presented with a screen to disregard and process the refund regardless, or to direct the guest to their confirmation email, or their e-ticket or the TicketGuardian website and filing the claim. Their policy number will be listed on the confirmation email as well as their e-ticket. 

How do I know a booking is protected?


Please click Recognizing Protected Bookings for more information. 

Does a discount code work to pay for TicketGuardian coverage? 

If you have selected OPTIONAL opt in TicketGuardian settings for that experience and your guest has a discount code or voucher to apply to their purchase, they will need to pay extra and enter their credit card details to purchase the coverage. 

If you have MANDATED TicketGuardian settings for that experience and a 100% discount is used, then technically it includes the insurance however because it's a 100% off booking, there is nothing to cover. That guest isn't able to make a claim. This is because the fee is built in to the ticket price for Mandated Coverage, the discount code applies to that ticket price subtotal. 

Who receives the coverage fee money?

The monies collected are the same as any other premiums on an insurance plan. This means any time a claim is filed for a refund, TicketGuardian takes care of that payment and you’ll keep all the money you’ve collected on refunded tickets. We return those tickets to you to sell them again, increasing your revenue.