The following features, system updates, and fixes have been released and are live in your account.  Please review the summary and corresponding articles and should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to 

1. Custom Text Not Appearing on Reminder Email

Custom additional text not appearing on the reminder email in some cases has been resolved and customization edits on email templates (confirmation, reminder and post event) are applying as they should.

2. EzAgent: Reconciliation Report - Not Loading

Issue when selecting "reports" on any agency to reconcile bookings has been resolved. Now the reconciliation screen is loading and listing all transactions for the selected agency, with the ability to reconcile each individual booking. 

3. Text Updated on Custom Email Header limits to reflect current sizing

The text for the limits and parameters for the email header image sizing have been updated. The current specifications are a minimum width of 600 pixels and a height of between 10-300 pixels. 

4. Disabled Canned Responses Displayed in Email Guests Functionality

Canned responses that had been disabled were still available to select when emailing guests through the EzTix app or on a booking. Now, only active canned responses are available. 

5. Tour Guide Ability to edit guest names/emails in app

Tour guides and senior tour guides are now able to edit guest names and emails (guest details) from within the app. An update was preventing that permission level to access that functionality