In Brief; What is Ez Agent?

EzAgent is a dedicated third party sales system that allows you to enable and sell your experiences through agents and agencies and track commission and source of these transactions.

 - Ez Agent is a feature available to Tour Operator Partners within EzTix that allows you to sell experiences through third party agencies and agents 

- It allows you to choose the experiences and ticket types they wish to sell through these agencies, and set prices and commission rates. 

- Individual agents will be able to login to a dedicated portal, book experiences and manage guests bookings through a system that is directly connected to the partner's EzTix account availability.

- Ez Agent will also allow partners to share and post affiliate links for these agencies for each of their experiences. Guests can book experiences through these affiliate links allowing partners to track revenue earned for each experience and each affiliated agency. 

Working with EzAgent

Use the following articles to get started with EzAgent. You can also reference the help panel within your EzTix account under Global Event Management > Ez Agent while building agencies and enabling your settings. 

Your EzAgent Help Centre - A guide for your agents. 

Your agents and agencies will need assistance and may have questions about selling your experiences and accessing the agent portal. Find the articles and reading material they need HERE