In Brief; Understand how to recognize a booking or transaction that has either opted in to include, or includes ticket protection with TicketGuardian from a booking that is not protected. A protected booking will still present the standard options for refunding a booking, though will 1. indicate it's protected, 2, provide instructions on submitting a claim to the guest directly and/or the ability to proceed with a refund normally. A non protected booking will only have the regular refund process in place. The following article will explain how to view and recognize bookings that are protected by TicketGuardian insurance, from those not protection within the Bookings, Manifest and EzTix App. 

Recognizing a Protected Booking - Bookings

Search for any booking through the Bookings tab to view it the transaction is protected by TicketGuardian protection. 

Step 1. Navigate to your BOOKINGS tab within the main menu

Step 2. Search for a guest name or email if you know the name of the guest

Step 3. Locate the booking and click to open the booking details.

You will then notice an blue indicator badge where the refund action button is, with the TicketGuardian logo. This will let you know the booking has ticket protection. 

Should that Refund button be selected, they would be presented with a screen to disregard and process the refund regardless, or to proceed by directing the guest to their confirmation email, or their e-ticket or the TicketGuardian website and filing the claim. Their policy number will be listed on the confirmation email as well as their e-ticket. 

An unprotected booking will have a red Uninsured badge next to the Confirmed Sale badge and the refund process will remain the same, with no warnings or options for instructions to submit a claim or send claim submitting instructions to the guest. 

Recognizing a Protected Booking - Manifest

In order to view bookings and identify protected bookings for a specific experience or event,


Step 1. Select Events from the Main menu

Step 2. Select View Bookings or Manage Bookings from within the event. 

For Experience operators, the guest manifest will appear at the bottom of the screen;

- Protected bookings will include the blue highlighted ticket guardian icon in the status column

- Unprotected bookings will include the inactive or grey ticket guardian icon in the status column

Recognizing a Protected Booking - EzTix App

For experience operators, recognizing protected and unprotected bookings can be done in several ways in the EzTix App

Step 1. Login to the EzTix App

Step 2. Clicking the hamburger menu, select Bookings from the main menu

Search for the booking by last name or email address in the search bar.
A protected booking will show a small blue icon in the Booking summary. An unprotected booking will display a grey or inactive icon

Once you have clicked on the booking to view the individual booking details, you will also see a blue Protected badge confirming the booking is protected. A non protected booking will have an inactive or grey icon and no "Protected" blue. You will need to proceed to login to the desktop version of your account in order to make any changes to the booking.