When upgrading your EzTix account to include the new refunding option of TicketGuardian, you'll want to review a few areas of your EzSite to communicate this new feature.

Product Listing Headline

This area on your EzSites' home page is meant to address a guests' objection to buying a ticket at this moment. This text lives just below your home page intro area above your listing of experiences. To update, click on "Pages" > "Home" Page > "Product Listing" tab

Single Tour Sidebar

Your tour pages have a sidebar that includes ticket prices and ticket restrictions. Review all of these pages to remove any language that could say that tickets are non-refundable. This area can be found in your admin area by clicking on one of your experiences under "Tours" > "Sidebar" tab.


Review your FAQs and look for any questions you may have that discusses refunds. Update this question and answer with the new policy you are signing up for with TicketGuardian.

Return Policy

Check the footer area of your EzSite. Do you have a "Return Policy" page? If so, login to your EzSite, click "Pages" > "Return/Refund Policy". Update the language on this page to reflect the TicketGuardian policy you've chosen for your EzTix account.