In brief: the following solution outlines the four different screens you may encounter while scanning passport QR codes or entering passport numbers manually.

1. Here you go!! Screen

The following screen indicates you have scanned a valid pass. You will note the history of the pass below which outlines: passport type, passport #, status of the pass, its valid to and from dates, how many location scans are used out of how many are applicable, and beneath that not pictured below, the history screen also lists scans made today (across various participating locations) and total scans (which is the overall scans a pass has). In order to redeem the pass, you need to select "Ok." Alternatively, if the pass was scanned in error, you can select "Undo Scan." The two step process of scanning and selecting Ok to redeem a pass is in place to avoid duplicate scans.

2. Location scans used Screen

You may encounter this screen if you attempt to scan a pass that has already been successfully scanned at your location. If in doubt, you can use the Lookup a Pass Feature along the bottom menu to review the history and verify the pass was already scanned.

3. Daily scans used Screen

The following screen indicates that there is a daily scan limit on the passport and that the daily scans have been reached. To confirm the scan history you can use the Lookup a Pass Feature along the bottom menu to review the history of each scan made on that respective day. 

4. We couldn't find any passport matching that number Screen

In the event you scan a pass and receive the following message, you will need to review the hard or soft ticket and its details to ensure it is a valid passport for a program currently running. If a program has ended and you are trying to enter passport numbers after the fact, you will need to email them to for assistance. However, keep in mind that all passports that you were unable to scan in real time should be emailed to EzTix prior to the end of the program as we cannot guarantee scans that are sent in after a program has ended. 

For any other questions or concerns, please contact or call EzTix Support at 1-877-413-2488.