In EzSites v5.4 we are introducing a new layout for Private Tour communication. Below are notes about the layout and how to use it most effectively.


The purpose of your private group tour (PGT) page is NOT to get someone to book a tour. The purpose of your PGT page is to get someone to simply contact you. In the world of sales, it’s the idea of selling to the next step. We’re not trying to get someone to go from 0 to $, they’re not ready to buy just yet. At this point in their research there are still too many details that need to be discussed before they can make a decision.  

For this reason, your PGT page only needs to provide people with enough information to say, “yes, I’d like to learn more”. We don’t need to get into intricate details.  

We don’t want to someone to read anything that’s going to make them say “no” at this point. We want to get them on a call with you. This gives you the chance to charm them with your personality — and if they don’t book now, they at least keep you in mind for future events. Therefore, you can avoid providing too much detail such as:  

  • PLEASE NOTE: We generally do not offer Private Tours on weekends during our busy season (April to January).
  • 3 WEEKS BEFORE TOUR DATE: Remaining balance is due 3 weeks prior to tour date.
  • Private tours purchased within 15 days of the event require full payment immediately.
  • No refunds are given for no-shows.
  • A $35 service fee is charged for returned checks

Note: Avoid repeating information more than once on the page. If you think a particular piece of information is more important, please let us know and we’re happy to look into other ways that help this information stand out.


Explain the entirety of your private experience in just 5 steps. The purpose of this area is to make your private experience process sound simple. Through a psychological technique known as visualization, we want to make it easy for someone to see themselves going through the steps. Keep this simple, informative, and direct.  


Private tour processes are primarily manual. Meaning it requires human interaction on your end to speak with potential group tours. Keeping with the idea of “selling to the next step”, this means we only need enough information to contact someone. You can then ask for additional details once you’re on a call, or email discussion thread with them.

The fewer fields you have on your PGT form, the more likely someone is to complete it. With this in mind, you only want to ask for information that is absolutely necessary to speaking with that individual. For this reason, avoid asking for information that is not relevant at this time. This includes omitting fields that would ask for items such as:  

  • Group leader name, phone
  • # of vegetarians
  • How your group will be arriving
  • Which tour
  • Date/alternate date
  • Why they’re taking the tour
  • How they heard about you
  • Group description
  • Additional questions

Which form are you more likely to fill out?


We do not want to overwhelm a potential customer with information that is not relevant to them at this time.  For pricing information, we want to provide with a starting point. Something they can keep in mind that gets the conversation started. By using a “starting at…” approach, you allow a person to approximate the cost of the tour to get the conversation started.  

Additionally, this helps to pre-qualify leads so you’re not spending your time with people who expect to pay $20/person when your private tours average $65/person.  

We don’t want to provide a full pricing breakdown for the simple reason that it could give them a reason to say “no”. To reiterate our point from earlier, we don’t want someone to read anything on your page that’s going to make them say “no” at this point.  

Note: Avoid specifying the different types of private tours available. Get them on the phone, find out what they’re interested in, and you may be able to sell them on a different private tour.