EzSites v5.4 was released to all EzSites partners on May 1st, 2018. This release focused on three new features for the EzSites system: a new Private Tour Page layout, Compare Page updates and updates to the Mobile experience. Additionally, we went through and fixed bugs that had been reported by EzSites partners and bugs found internally in our own regular reviews of the EzSites system. 

NEW Private Tour Page Layout

We spoke with a handful of EzSites partners to learn more about their private tour process, along with reviewing industry standards to develop a new Private Tour page option in your EzSite. To learn more about some of the layout and content, see this article or view an example of the new layout.

Compare Page Updates

Part of the uniqueness of EzSites is our efforts to continuously improve the system. In November we released a new Compare Page. Since that release we've been tracking this page using scroll maps, heat maps and visitor recordings to see the page in action. Doing so helps us develop ideas to improve the user experience throughout the EzSites system. Below is a list of updates made to the Compare Page:

  • A field to add instructions on how to use the Compare Page. This can be found under "Pages" > choose your Compare Page
  • Longer tour names were getting cutoff with the Compare Page dropdown. The dropdown selector has been updated to expand to two or three lines when necessary. See the image below.
  • In the image above, you'll also notice the original version did not have a border around the tour option. We've added this border to draw a little more attention to the fact that there is a drop down available to the user.
  • When viewing the Compare Page on mobile, you would lose the ability to change out an experience from the dropdown unless you scrolled back to the top. This has been adjusted to a sticky navigation on the Compare Page mobile view that allows a user to change the tours they are viewing.

Mobile Updates

We always strive for a seamless experience on mobile as traffic from mobile devices continue to overtake desktop views. This round on mobile focused on font sizing and spacing. In the example below, you'll see we took down the header font sizes a bit that help calm the page down a bit and allows you to present more information on the screen at once. You'll notice that in the updated version a visitor will already start to see another tour option below the first option.

Additional v5.4 Updates

  • Promo Bar on Mobile¬†- The sub-text for the primary promotion on your website will now display on mobile.
  • Text Link Styling - Text links added to your blog will display in your primary color indicating the text is clickable.
  • Ticketing Buttons - We have given you the ability to add your EzTix template IDs to your tours and experiences. This will allow you to immediately publish new tours or events immediately. You will find this under the "Sidebar" tab in your Tour pages. Please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance in adding this information.
  • Digital Guidebooks - Updates have been made to the guidebooks making them fully functional on desktop.