The Scan Report numbers appear incorrect in comparison to manual records kept. Or the Scan Reports are no longer visible through the EzPassScan App.


  • Discrepancies with Scan Reports and manual records of passes redeemed are often a result of user error when scanning passes.
  • Please be sure to ensure that scanner operators are scanning passes and selecting OK to fully redeem a pass. If the pass is just scanned but the OK bottom is not pressed, the scanning process is not complete and the pass was NOT redeemed. This 2 step process is in place to eliminate the possibility of duplicate scans.
  • Daily Scan Reports are only available through the App as long as the program you are participating in is active. If the passport program has ended and you require reporting, you need to contact the Administrator of the Program. 
  • EzTix does not release scan reports directly to wineries.

For further assistance please contact or call us at 1-877-413-2488.